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"I'm really able to
just get a deep sleep.
It makes a huge

Meet Serena Williams,
TEMPUR® owner for 10 years

Serena restores her power on TEMPUR® Hybrid

TEMPUR® Hybrid combines TEMPUR® material with the responsiveness of PrecisionTM MicroCoils.

TEMPUR® material conforms to the shape of your body and relieves pressure so you toss and turn less at night.

"Pressure. I feel it every day. But at night, it is the last thing on my mind."

Serena Williams is the winner of a record-breaking
23 grand slam singles titles in tennis.


Bedtime Stories about good nights and motion absorption

"Secret Weapon"
"Motion transfer"

Find out what makes TEMPUR® mattresses unique

Dive into the deep layers of Sleep Technology

Much of what gives you a great night’s sleep is down to what’s going on inside the mattress – and what went on before it even became a mattress.

The unique TEMPUR® material adapts and conforms to your body, relieves pressure and absorbs motion.

So you are less likely to toss and turn or be disturbed by your partner at night.

Each mattress goes through hours of vigorous testing. So you can be sure that every TEMPUR® mattress delivers a great night’s sleep, year after year.

A TEMPUR® mattress has a rebound of less than 3% - impossible to see with the naked eye.

TEMPUR® mattresses come with a full 10 year guarantee

See other great performances by TEMPUR®

"Maximised pressure relief"
"Personalised body support"
"Motion absorption"
"Performance guaranteed"

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